It is clear to everyone that the right time management within a team or business will not only help productivity, but also the team’s motivation and efficiency. With the right processes and tools, time management and time keeping can define the success of any project or business. Here 3 key time management strategies to apply:


Record Everything


Keep a thorough written record of all of your thoughts and activities for any given task that you may be working on. Not only will this allow for the most accurate recall, but you will be able to do so immediately and more effectively than if you just “keep it in your head” and this will undoubtedly end up saving you countless hours of trying to remember the finer details of your ideas and exactly when it was that you participated in any given task and with whom. This will also allow you to train yourself to recognize which activities and thought processes are the most productive, further allowing you to manage your time more effectively.


Plan Your Interruptions


As counter-productive as it may seem, actually scheduling your interruptions – or periods of downtime in which you can take a short break and refocus your mind on the task(s) at hand – will actually work in your favor. Such a concept, in the long run, will allow the time that you do spend working to be more effective and thus more productive, and as is often said, the term “office hours” could be considered a scheduled interruption from the all-important family time, so by reversing that somewhat and applying it to the time spent in the office, you will push yourself that much closer to be as productive as possible while on the clock.




As inconceivable as it may seem in this day and age – even when you are working – when the phone rings, when you see an email come through, or when your social media platforms send you a notification… ignore it! Not every call or email is going to require an instant reply, despite modern technology’s best efforts to allow you to do so, and in the end it’s only going to end up being a distraction. Social media in particularly is the opposite of what you should be doing during working hours – unless you happen to be part of a social media management team – so switch off, log out, turn on silent, or disable notifications while in the office, and you will soon find that your time spent being productive rises considerably.

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