BIR: eBIRforms Available Again After Technical Problems

There are fewer things in life that frustrate and waste time more than queuing up, and unfortunately, the amount of red tape and a seemingly endless stream of counters and lines that we have to deal with when complying with our mandatory contributions is high up on that list. That’s why we all like the eBIRforms available, to be used for proper filing at all times.


When filing our Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) tax documents, we’ve relatively recently been treated to the convenience of being able to access these forms online via the BIR’s website (, however, what was said to be technical issues caused the service to be unavailable for almost two weeks, leaving those of us tasked with filing during this period having to resort to the previous and laborious means of doing so – in person.


The BIR themselves released a statement informing the taxable public “that accessibility to/availability of the eBIRForms System has been restored. Further – to minimize common problems encountered by taxpayers/users of the system, we strongly recommend the use of eBlRForms Offline.  Kindly disseminate the aforementioned information to all concerned taxpayers under your jurisdiction.” In a separate notification released on the same date, the BIR further announced that “eBIRForms System is now available using Offline Package version 6.1. You are hereby enjoined that the foregoing information be disseminated to all concerned taxpayers under your jurisdiction.”


It’s considered that a lack of adequate internet-related services caused considerable setbacks with regards to the submissions of such eForms with version 6.0 of the service, however, our new President-elect – who has already released more detailed information with regards to his economic plans and internal policy plans for the near future – has recently stated that the local service providers here in the Philippines face uncertainty in their future if they do not begin to provide the consumer with a considerably improved connection service. “I will make it a public policy,” President-elect Duterte said when speaking to the press recently in Davao, going on to say that should they not up their standards, foreign competition will be allowed to bid for telecoms infrastructure projects here – a move widely considered to be of considerable significance to the Filipino consumer.


The telecommunications providers have responded positively, saying that they will indeed be improving their services, so once again the future of our nation looks brighter than perhaps ever before in terms of genuine progress and matching the capabilities that our regional neighbors have had access to for many years.


Should you encounter any problems with regards to the access of the eBIRforms, you can contact the BIR customer service on 9818888 or email them on Or if you’re looking for a provider where you can fully outsource your payroll including BIR filling, just contact us a or checkout out our online payroll solution PhilPay.

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