In case you’re looking for a new challenge, a new position, a new adventure – here Part 1 (of 2) of 10 things you should look for in a potential employer:


There is little point in committing to a company in which you will be spending the vast majority of your days and/or nights if you don’t feel that you will be able to get on with your colleagues, or even your boss, so don’t subject yourself to the potential downsides – both psychological and professional – and make sure you get to speak to some of those you will be working with prior to accepting any offers that may be on the table.


There may be circumstances that will require you to work somewhere that might not be a particularly good fit for your own personality and your own desires in terms of what you enjoy doing, but it’s often said that we are not here simply to work and pay the bills, so if at all possible it’s highly recommended that you seek employment only within an company or industry that you feel will bring out the best in you because it’s something that you will enjoy doing.

A Challenge

Whether we like it or not, if something isn’t difficult, it’s probably not worth doing, so it’s extremely significant to find something that will challenge you and actually make you work in order to get the desired results. Only under such circumstances will your skills develop, your mind broaden and, as a result, your opportunities for success be present and be realized.


It’s important that the core values of a company align with yours, as if any company in which you are seeking employment has values that do not align with – or perhaps even go against – those of your own, then you will ultimately be compromising who you are as a person, and this will never make you happy, regardless of the perceived benefits of working for such an organization, whether they be financial or otherwise.


At the end of the day, when you are either moving on with your career to new and exciting pastures or you are approaching retirement and are looking back on your life, if you don’t get a sense of satisfaction from what you have done – regardless of the financial benefits of such a career – it’s virtually guaranteed that you will consider your time spent on such a career to have been wasted… which is something that completely goes against the point of trying to develop a professional career of any kind.

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