Why You Should Get Off the ‘Horse’ and Start Using A Payroll System ASAP

Rayan Ramos        March 13, 2019
In one form or another, history tends to repeat itself. When Henry Ford first introduced the automobile, people asked, “What’s wrong with the horse?” In a somewhat similar scenario, the… Read More »

Sustain Business Growth by Putting Payroll Processes in the Limelight

Rayan Ramos        February 18, 2019
When it comes to building a successful business, payroll processing matters are usually an after-thought. Because of this, they usually are blindsided from vulnerabilities. As the business grows, the need… Read More »

NordCham Philippines Strengthens Ties and Continues to Grow

Rayan Ramos        February 4, 2019
The largest Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Asia, NordCham Philippines, gathered their members in their 2019 Annual General Membership and Economic Briefing last Thursday. Topics on the table include chamber… Read More »

Friendly Reminder: Have you submitted your BIR Alphalist and 1604CF yet?

Rayan Ramos        January 25, 2019
January is a busy month for the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). In the first month of the year, the BIR is expecting multiple submissions of requirements, in which… Read More »

New Work Opportunities at JustPayroll are Knockin’, Will You Open the Door?

Rayan Ramos        January 17, 2019
Right when JustPayroll Inc crossed from being an idea to becoming a full-blown and thriving business, it only had a handful of employees. Many years after, with new colleagues and… Read More »

PALSCON 2018: Continues to Transform Lives for the Better

Argie Tan        November 29, 2018
The Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors Inc. (PALSCON) tackled the theme: “The Future of Our Work: Integrating Technology. Transforming People. Evolving Laws” early this week at Crowne Plaza Manila… Read More »

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