Social Security System RACE Campaign Goes Full Throttle Against Non-Compliant Employers, Are You on their Radar?

Rayan Ramos        March 15, 2018
Just a few days ago, the Social Security System (SSS) went into second gear as they boosted their efforts in their Run After Evaders Campaign (RACE). In their first sprint,… Read More »

Manual versus Automated Payroll Process, Who Wins?

Rayan Ramos        March 6, 2018
In a man versus machine scenario inside a payroll arena, each contender has their own traits that either gives them the upper hand, or their downfall. Deciding on who beats… Read More »

Workplace Romance, Do’s and Don’ts for Valentines and Other Days

Rayan Ramos        February 14, 2018
Compared to other Asians, Filipinos are one of the most expressive when it comes to love. This coming Valentine’s Day, there are those who will publicly show their love to… Read More »

SSS Website for PRN Registration is Now Open for Businesses & Others

Rayan Ramos        February 7, 2018
Much abuzz is going on after the Social Security System (SSS) recently mandated the use of Payment Reference Number (PRN) when paying the members’ contribution. While calling in and emailing… Read More »

Payroll Admins Survival Guide: How to Stay Compliant to the 2018 TRAIN Reforms

Rayan Ramos        February 6, 2018
Regardless of having a legion of experienced administrators at your disposal to safeguard the compliancy of your company with Philippine regulations, if there is a slight nick in your payroll… Read More »

Manual Payroll Systems Under Strain With TRAIN Tax Reform, Two Ways to Deal With It

Rayan Ramos        January 17, 2018
Thanks to the recently approved Philippine tax reform, there is much anticipation among employees on how much more of their salary they are going to bring home. The employers, on… Read More »

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