PALSCON 2018: Continues to Transform Lives for the Better

Argie Tan        November 29, 2018
The Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors Inc. (PALSCON) tackled the theme: “The Future of Our Work: Integrating Technology. Transforming People. Evolving Laws” early this week at Crowne Plaza Manila… Read More »

Friday thought: What is the HR Tech Revolution and 10 ways It will benefit you

David Bell        May 18, 2018
As early as eight years ago, any company below 1,000 employees has no “off the shelf” tools to support their Human Resource (HR) professionals in their critical task of creating… Read More »

To be or not to be in Compliance with the Philippine Labour Laws, that is the question

Rayan Ramos        April 26, 2018
The sad truth is, there are plenty of companies out there that are more reactive than proactive when it comes to complying with the local labor laws. Meaning, many would… Read More »

2018 Philippine Holidays – Updated

Rayan Ramos        April 18, 2018
Whether you are plotting days to take advantage of Piso Fares or working on employee schedules for the rest of the year, the updated 2018 Philippine Holiday listing could help.… Read More »

Snag and Retain Millennials by Contemporizing Your Technological Tools

Rayan Ramos        April 10, 2018
As of the moment, the number of millennials in the workplace is on its way to becoming half of the labor force in the Philippines. While employment rates are on… Read More »

Payroll Processing 101: How to Get Started for Employers

Rayan Ramos        April 2, 2018
So business is soaring and what was once a few of employees has grown to be a handful of hopeful employees. With your business’s success riding on their performance and… Read More »

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