JustPayroll Q4 2019 Roundup

We’re ringing in 2020 with a grateful spirit and a renewed commitment to move forward. Keep following us on our socials: Facebook, LinkedIn, and our website to learn all about our way forward for 2020. 

We’d like to take a look back at what we accomplished for 2019. Just a few months ago, we rolled out massive updates for our products and accomplished several milestones for our Company.


In Q4 2019, JustPayroll rolled out the following system upgrades: 

  • Enhanced Calculation Handling Enhancement
  • Seamless Bank File Generation
  • Employee Certificate Generation
  • Employee Salary History
  • Beginning Payroll Balance Upload Enhancement
  • Generation of BIR 2316
  • Payroll Year-To-Date
  • Improved 13th Month Pay
  • More accurate Final Pay


In October 2019, our Founder and CEO, David Bell, spoke at length for the first time on national broadcast about our flagship product, JustPayroll. 

In his first appearance on Eagle Broadcasting Network’s Open For Business, he told anchor Caesar Vallejos about the “People First” philosophy of the Company. 

In the interview, Bell emphasized that businesses must adjust to the complex, shifting forces shaping our world. One of the best ways to gain competitive advantage is through managing and retaining the best talent. 

Aside from taking pride in employing Filipino talent in his company, Bell expounded on the benefits of the JustPayroll system, saying that social good also comes from the solution.

“For example, if an employee gets paid immediately, then it’s less likely that the employee will take out a loan. Bottomline is we want to give the employees options.”

In terms of benefits to clients, the system does not differentiate between its small and big clients. 

“We treat our clients the same whether they’re an SME or an MNC. Obviously the bigger the business the more requirements – bigger headcount, for example – but the fundamental service is the same,” Bell said.  

In November 2019, Bell made an appearance at ANC’s Market Edge, anchored by veteran business journalist Cathy Yang. 

Further stressing the importance of Filipino talent, in his ANC appearance, Bell stated that to keep up in today’s competitive tech space, JustPayroll has been focusing on Research and Development and developing innovative ways to support the customer through the efforts of the Manila office’s Filipino engineers. 

Near the end of Q4, uPraxis Architecture Lead Becca Ong Tan-Casis spoke at the EBC Open House about JustPayroll and the Transformative Power of Technology. 

On the matter of how JustPayroll drives technology in the workplace forward, Tan-Casis said: “The integration of technology is not a matter of ‘if it happens’ but ‘when it happens.’ It is up to both employers and employees to keep up with the times. Each one should do our part. Otherwise, our respective companies and ultimately our country will be left behind.  

Second, we need to upskill ourselves and our people to keep up in an ever-evolving world that increasingly relies on technology. 

And finally, to truly move forward, we must embrace transformation brought about by advancements in technology.”

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