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The easy, trusted, and secure way to run payroll

Payroll System for Philippines

Time and Attendance

Prepare Payroll
Data by Analyzing

  • Employee Schedules
  • Timekeeping Data
  • Company Rules & Policies

Payroll Service

Payroll Processing Service

Prepare & Produce All the Required Payroll Output

  • Bank Advice
  • Finalized Payroll Register
  • Payslips
  • Government Reports
  • Calculations for Final Pay, Annualization, and 13th Month Pay

Payslip Generation

Government Reports

Efficient Generation & Submission of Reports

  • Creation of compliant state-mandated reports
  • Timely submission of reports to Government Entities
  • Guarantee of Accuracy in Information

Payroll Software

Payroll Consultations

Receive Professional
Advice and Directions for

  • Creating payroll systems from scratch
  • Preparing for payroll audits
  • Improving current payroll processes

Why Choose Us?

We are the right team to provide all the outsourced payroll services you need

We allow you to focus on your core business by allowing us to manage your critical payroll functions. We ensure your payroll is accurate, timely and secure.
We are a premium service staffed by what we term our Payroll Genius, tenured & qualified Payroll Professionals with a minimum qualification of CIPP.
Our processes and systems are enterprise grade. All company directors are ex big-four accountancy and/or veterans of the international financial services industry.
No hidden costs. We provide you all the details for our fully loaded payroll outsourcing services in our quote.

How it Works

The most efficient way to outsource your payroll

Payroll outsourcing services

Payroll outsourcing services

Payroll outsourcing services

Payroll outsourcing services

How Much Does it Cost

Fair pricing structure, no hidden fees

Depending on your company size we’ll provide you a fully transparent proposal upon request for our payroll outsourcing services. We have 2 different pricing models for you, either just for the regular payroll or fully loaded including annualization and any other non-regular payroll process activity. Just get in touch with us with some of your basic information and we’ll can prepare a quote for you with all the details. Our pricing models are all per employee and per month so we can adjust flexible whenever there is a change within your company.

Payroll outsourcing services

About Us

Your team of industry experts and certified payroll professionals

Payroll outsourcing services

JustPayroll.ph is a service of uPraxis Global Limited, a Hong Kong company with a local Philippines branch. Our team also provides Solutio.com, a cloud payroll software company operating in the United Kingdom marketplace processing over 2 million USD of payroll each day. In addition, PhilPay a fully cloud-based timekeeping & payroll software package has been developed based on the standards successfully implemented in Europe. Our executive team all have Banking and/or Accounting backgrounds, with senior experience in Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and Deloitte.

JustPayroll uses PhilPay as its software package which is also built by our team in the Philippines and is designed for companies requiring a first rate payroll outcome in a fully-outsourced way.


Ryan Marshall

Director – IROC Asia

The team at JustPayroll deliver an excellent service. They make sure they understand how my business works so they can provide accurate and timely payroll reports, payslips and bank files. I no longer need to worry about payroll being incorrect or late. If my staff have questions about how their pay is calculated one of their experts is on hand to answer questions. Great value for money!

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