At this moment in time, we are lucky enough to be going through a period of relatively consistent economic growth, which means that unemployment rates are lowering and the number of jobs being created are on the up. As such, no matter how secure you may feel with your current employer, the chances that someone who is equally as qualified and experienced as you – or perhaps even more so on both counts – will be applying for a position within your company are higher than ever. So how can you increase job security?


There are two ways to stand out when it comes to making it known what kind of employee you are: one is to demonstrate a positive attitude and be a positive influence; and the other is to do the opposite. The former tells your employer that you are in the right frame of mind, that you apparently enjoy the work that you are tasked with, and that you are a benefit to team morale on the whole, whereas the former is a good indicator for any employer that there is probably a better fit for your position out there somewhere, and that they should perhaps even start actively seeking to replace you sooner rather than later.

A “Trophy Cabinet”

Figuratively speaking, a “trophy cabinet” that highlights your achievements within the company – whether it be good performance reports from your supervisor, positive feedback from clients, Employee of the Month awards (which occasionally do come with an actual trophy), or any other achievements that help you stand out – is a great way to reinforce the notion that you are the best person for the job. You don’t have to literally display these achievements in one form or another all throughout your workspace, as this may have a negative effect on your co-workers and, as such, potentially work against you, but gentle reminders to those higher ranking than yourself will remind your employer that you are a high performer, and one that they would benefit from keeping on the books.

Above & Beyond

When it comes to being a regular employee, most are happy to complete their to-do list each day, collect their pay checks, and then continue to repeat this for the duration of their career. However, taking the initiative and rising above what is expected of you can make you irreplaceable. If you are seen to have a keen interest in actively helping the company develop, as opposed to merely fulfilling your contractual obligations, by presenting whatever concepts/cost-cutting measures/new proposals to your employer directly (but in a respectful manner) you will not only be increasing your job security, but you will also be increasing your chances of rising through the ranks (and the speed with which you can do so).


If your company is moving in the right direction, there will always be new projects that require completion in order for goals to be realized, so putting yourself forward to manage (or at least be on the team), even if not selected, will show that you have the desire to participate and are a team player. Furthermore, provided you have been selected to be on the team, or even manage the team, once you are working on new contracts/projects, it becomes more difficult to want to replace you, as you are already heavily involved in vital aspects of the business.


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