From May 23 to 25, at Cebu’s Waterfront Hotel, the Civil Service Commission (CSC), with assistance from the Australian government (by way of the Philippine-Australia HR & Organization Development Facility) will be conducting the “Managing Transitions in Strategic Human Resource and Organization Development” seminar, at which last year 1,800 participants from both the public and private sectors were in attendance to talk about HR Development.

Due to the international nature of the event – the speakers’ list including both domestic and foreign resource speakers – the continuing uptrend of the Philippine presence on the world stage continues to impress, with the CSC’s effort in Cebu labelled as possibly the largest gathering of HR personnel to date in the country.

Topics of this year’s seminar are said to include transition management concepts, tools, and practices, among others, and the list of speakers includes Pulse Asia Research Inc. president Mr. Ronald Holmes, Ayala Automotive Holdings Corporation President and CEO Mr. John Philip Orbeta, Cultural Centre of the Philippines (CCP) Board of Trustees Chairman Ms. Emily Abrera, University of New England Professor Mr. John Rice, Queensland University of Technology Department Director for HR Ms. Nicole Bunning, and Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle Ms. Jennifer Waterhouse.

Despite a certain level of uncertainty from the international community regarding the possible economic repercussions from the outcome of the recent national elections, there are clearly signs that the Philippines can continue, with the help of the entire population, to push forward in terms of economic developments, and achieve what, to date, has so far eluded the nation; however, well outside of the HR arena, the country has been making strides to fulfil the World Bank’s description of the Philippines as being an economic “rising tiger”, which is something that would benefit the lives of Filipinos in ways that have never been seen here at home.

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