Here Part 2 (of 2) of 10 things you should look for in a potential employer. Part 1 can be found HERE.



Few of us are strongly opposed to change, but once we settle into a rhythm it gives us a sense of comfort and the peace of mind to know that we are good at what we do and that we are valued. Add to this a sense of control with regards to the idea that we know what the future holds for us, and this becomes a valuable trait to look for in a potential employer, as a stable company allows for the comfort of an almost-guaranteed regular source of income and a steady path to further growth and success.




It will come to no surprise to the vast majority of today’s workforce that you don’t always get what you are promised when entering into a new position at a new company. While it’s improbable that any potential employer will actually resort to, in essence, stealing your money, what they will be taking from you is arguably far more valuable – your time. If you don’t have to participate in running battles with your employer, you can focus your attentions and efforts on the actual tasks at hand without the voice inside your head repeating that you may well be wasting your time with the company.


Future Potential


Advancement should absolutely be the goal of every single member of the Filipino workforce, and today we are presented with a vastly improving economy and promises of a continuation of this uptrend that we’ve been experiencing over the last five or six years. As such, and as the nation as a whole rises up, any lack of options in terms of growth – i.e. promotion, and increased responsibilities and associated benefits – is likely to indicate that the prospective employer in question is almost definitely not the right fit for you, or anyone else for that matter.




It’s important, as discussed in Part I of this series, that you get on with your colleagues on a personal level, purely so that you are able to enjoy a harmonious environment in which you can flourish; however, it’s also important to know as you work hard to achieve the collective goals of the company that every other member of staff from the bottom to the top are working equally hard to ensure the success of themselves and, in turn, the success of the team as a whole. Without this quality, you may well be exhausting yourself for what turns out to be nothing, which will again be a waste of your valuable time.




When it comes to honesty and integrity, this is perhaps one of the more important attributes that you should be looking for, because a lack of such qualities can be extraordinarily damaging to any company as a whole and to you as an employee of such a company. If promises are repeatedly not met, you will be left wondering exactly what it is that the company wishes to do – both now and in the future – and exactly why you should be placing your trust in the company to deliver on its promises to its staff and its clients.

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