Why You Should Get Off the ‘Horse’ and Start Using A Payroll System ASAP

In one form or another, history tends to repeat itself. When Henry Ford first introduced the automobile, people asked, “What’s wrong with the horse?”

In a somewhat similar scenario, the same debate could be applied to, “What’s wrong with processing payroll manually?”

Decades after, automobiles became the go-to mode of land transportation. People realized how much faster and comfier cars are than riding a horse. Also, animal lovers would argue that it is more humane.

In this day of age, there are still those who are skeptical or those who don’t see the value of using a cloud-based payroll system.

Chances are, with more businesses catching on why payroll processing technology is a critical part of their success, skeptics would only hop onboard the bandwagon when it becomes more mainstream.

By the time the skeptics acquire a payroll tech solution on their own, they are biting the dust of those who went ahead and got a payroll system before it became the norm.

Here are the reasons why getting a cloud payroll system now is important:

The Slowest Gets Eaten 

Those who are the slowest or found at the end of the herd are usually the ones who do not survive a predator attack, or “failure” when analogizing in terms of business survival.

In the business kingdom, speed is everything. The sooner tasks get done right, the sooner people could focus on their core business and get an advantage in the race for success.

Cloud-based payroll systems are like the nitro that give businesses a boost in speed. A payroll solution could easily turn days of work in an hour (or less) task.

Be more Humane

With manual, work-life balance tips heavily on one side when it is time to process payroll.

Administrators could spend hours of overtime and sometimes use up their rest days just to make sure that the workers get their pay on time if they were able to make it.

With a payroll system, working like a horse becomes unnecessary. In just a few clicks, a payroll run could be done without breaking a sweat.

Become Successful

Payroll is probably one of the most neglected, and yet important aspect of any business. Not many realize that having a smooth payroll process lead is conducive to success.

For one, timely and proper payroll processes contribute greatly to keeping the workers satisfied with the company, meaning less attrition.

Another reason is that it avoids non-compliance issues that may arise from paying the workers late (violates the labor code) or paying the wrong withholding tax (sanctions with the Bureau of Internal Revenues).

The right payroll system could streamline processes so that it helps maintain a happy workforce and avoid pesky violations with the law.

More and more businesses are putting their “what’s wrong with the horse?” mindset out to the pasture and moving forward with faster and more efficient payroll solutions.

At this very moment, those businesses are most likely focused on their growth and what is their next successful venture… Instead of worrying about crunching numbers on an Excel sheet.

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From timekeeping (through our biometric time and attendance device) to payroll processing (with our system) to payslip distribution (using our mobile app), JustPayroll gives you the means to catch up and surpass your competitors.

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