The Makati Central Business District (CBD) is a veritable urban jungle filled with complex personalities, all pursuing their personal agendas, completing their own journeys and fulfilling their own goals. At the end of the day, however, no matter how busy they may seem, every office worker who is disciplined enough to wish to be healthy tries to exercise.

In my time as an employee in Makati, I’ve found many beautiful parks in which to unwind after office hours. These parks are all perfect for jogging, particularly if you have a sturdy pair of headphones with you that can block out the noise of the public.

Ayala Triangle

Located in Bel-Air, Makati, this two-hectare landscaped urban park is perfect for those who want to run in solitude without actually being isolated. Lush trees cover the park, providing runners with the feeling of running through a secluded area; the caveat, of course, is that they can still see the other runners. Nevertheless, there is a wide selection of restaurants along one side of the park so runners can replenish lost energy stocks after their run (if overall fitness and not weight loss is the goal).

Legazpi Active Park

My favorite park among all the parks in Makati, the Legazpi Active Park, is conveniently located along the Rada-Gamboa-Legazpi-Paseo de Roxas Street loop. It is a wide area where you can run to your heart’s content and watch as the park comes alive as night draws nearer, with the adults bringing out volleyballs, footballs, and badminton rackets.

Jaime C. Velasquez Park

Located on Tordesillas Street, this park is the location of the famous Salcedo Market, which is open on Saturday mornings and sells a variety of freshly-cooked foods, fresh produce, and other items. Jogging here after work is a breath of fresh air, as the park is filled with nannies and children running up and down the slides and playing on the swings. It can be a bit noisy if you’re looking for solitude and peace (because there are many children running around), nevertheless, it is a good place if you’re just looking for somewhere to stretch your legs.

Running in a park will, for me, always be far more enjoyable that running on a treadmill – and there are no beaches in Metro Manila to run on – so get yourself out to one of these lovely parks after work and see which one you prefer.

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