Selfie for Time and Attendance Systems? It’s Out But Still Needs Work

Rayan Ramos        September 19, 2017
It was just a matter of time before someone would suggest creating an app that uses selfies for clock ins and outs, given that selfies are transitioning from being a fad to a social norm. Not so long ago, someone turned that brainchild into a reality, and though using selfies are a breath of fresh

Here Comes Generation Z, And They Want Money And Security

Rayan Ramos        September 14, 2017
Right when we’re just getting used to rubbing elbows with the Millennial generation, a new set of eager youngbloods wants to take on the work world by storm. Unlike the Gen Y’ers whose work motivation is anchored down by finding a life purpose, what drives Generation Z to work their butts off is something more

Unconventional Work Excuses Mostly ‘Valid’ In The Philippines

Rayan Ramos        September 13, 2017
When it comes to good excuses for missing work, the default excuses for most Filipinos ranges from the common flu to family emergencies, much like the rest of the world. However, there is a set of non-traditional excuses that are mostly accepted by employers in the Philippines. Please note that not all in the presented

2017 Philippine Tax Reform: What Changes to Expect in Your Payroll Calculations

Rayan Ramos        September 12, 2017
. With a promise that the Package 1 of the 2017 Philippine Income Tax Reform will be out before the year ends, employers may

Top 4 Ways to Save Money on a Modest Income

JustPayroll Contributor        July 7, 2016
There are many ways and possibilities to save money from your payslip even your income is not that big. Here a few tips from us on you can save money, even if just a little at a time, but at least regularly: Be More Realistic Once you have made the decision to start saving money,

Increasing Job Security In A Competitive Market

JustPayroll Contributor        June 30, 2016
At this moment in time, we are lucky enough to be going through a period of relatively consistent economic growth, which means that unemployment rates are lowering and the number of jobs being created are on the up. As such, no matter how secure you may feel with your current employer, the chances that someone

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