Boost Employee Morale With Your Winning Smile

Rayan Ramos        October 27, 2017
Are you spending thousands on endeavors just to raise team spirits? While having team building activities do boost morale, one of the best ways to increase employee enthusiasm would only cost you 10-40 calories, and absolutely zero cash out. Smiling is one of our innate abilities—we were born knowing how to smile and the instinct

3 Lessons From A Non-Horrible Boss, David Bell

Rayan Ramos        October 16, 2017
As the saying goes, “Every person we meet has a lesson to teach,” and so it happens that founder and Upraxis CEO David Bell taught us at least three. In a casual conversation among peers and personal observations regarding our main boss, we share what we learned from working with him. Addressed by all

3 Types of Office Bullying in the Philippines and How to Stop Them

Rayan Ramos        October 2, 2017
Besides from seeking greener pastures, there are other reasons employees are leaving their companies. Even if the pay and benefits are top-grade, at the presence of office bullies, peace of mind is something that some employees would never trade for a hefty payslip. In the Philippines, many employees have witnessed or fallen victim to some

Minimum Wage NCR 2017, Now P512. Insult or a Blessing?

Rayan Ramos        September 28, 2017
The minimum Manila rate salary got a nudge upwards when Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) approved Wage Order No. NCR-21 last week. From the previous NCR minimum wage of P491 per workday, it is now P512 starting next month, which raises the question, what to make out of the extra P21? Early this

Senate Committee OK’s Their Version of 2017 Philippine Tax Reform, How Does It Affect Your Payroll?

Rayan Ramos        September 22, 2017
Philippine Senate Committee passed their own version of the First Package of the 2017 Philippine Tax Reform on Wednesday of this week. Though they retain the core values of the original version, there are new tweaks that those under or do payroll should know about. Earlier this year, the House of Representatives approved the first version

12 Hour Per Day Compressed Work Week Bill Passed, Why We Might Be Better Off With 7

Rayan Ramos        September 21, 2017
Having three day weekends sound like a great trade-off for working 10-12 hour shifts for four days straight, but is it really? Ever since business magnate Henry Ford called for a reduction of the working hours from 48 to 40 back in the early 1900s, maybe it’s time to make another cut, and this time

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