Home Page

After successfully logging in through the Login Page with your admin credentials, you will be redirected to the landing or home page of the JustPayroll application. The image below shows what it looks like:

By default, the JustPayroll application opens to theDashboard screen, which will be explained further in the JustPayroll Screens section of this guide.

The JustPayroll application consists of three main sections, which are shown and enumerated below:

  1. Header Section
  2. Menu Section
  3. Display Section

Header Section

Located at the upper part of the JustPayroll application, the Header section contains four components that serves a specific purpose. The location and description of the components are shown below:

  1. Application Logo – Shows you the JustPayrollapplication logo
  2. Company Name – Shows you the name of your company. This component only appears after a company has been selected
  3. Username – Shows you to first and last name of the user who entered the application.
  4. Logout – Allows you to end the login session of the current user

Header Section Actions

The Header Section allows you to perform one action. The instructions on how to do it are as follows:

How to Logout

Use the following steps to end the session of the active user:

  1. Click on the Logout button located at the Header section. After clicking on it, the following pop-up will appear:

    Note: You may click on the Cancel button on the warning pop-up to extend the current session.
  2. To continue, click on the Logout button in the warning pop-up. After clicking on it, you will be redirected to the Login Page.

Menu Section

Located at the left side of the screen, the Menu section provide users links to the different screens available in the JustPayroll application. The image below shows you what it looks like:

By default, the available links are the following:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Company
  3. Administration
  4. About

However, when a company is selected, more links will be available. The image below shows you what it looks like:

With an active company, the following links become available:

  • Dashboard
  • Company
  • Configurations
    • Compensations
    • Leaves
    • Cost Centers
    • Departments
    • Templates
    • Netbundy Integration
  • Billing (available upon request)
  • Employees
  • Scheduling
  • Timekeeping
    • Employee
    • Company
  • Requests
    • Leave Requests
    • Profile Requests
  • Payroll
    • Regular
    • Beginning Balance
    • 13th Month Pay
    • Final Pay
    • Annualization
  • Reports
    • Internal
    • Government
  • Administration
    • User Management
    • Audit
    • Email Delivery

The descriptions and functionalities of these links will be shown in the JustPayroll Screen section of this User Guide.

Display Section

The Display section of the JustPayroll application shows the work area of a selected screen. Depending on which screen is active, the available options, actions, fields, and buttons may appear differently.