Workplace Romance, Do’s and Don’ts for Valentines and Other Days

Compared to other Asians, Filipinos are one of the most expressive when it comes to love. This coming Valentine’s Day, there are those who will publicly show their love to their special someone at the workplace, in which they’ll either triumph with appreciation, or in worst case scenario, will render their final pay.

When it comes to finding love, Cupid’s arrows do not discriminate on where it lands. Whether you are in the office setting or not, going googly eyes usually happens with someone we meet around us.

Though there is nothing wrong with falling for a colleague, what is usually frowned upon is how it is expressed around the office.

Every workplace is different on how they handle office dating. While some companies deem it acceptable, there are some that condone it in totality, making it grounds for dismissal.

Regardless of it is in the company policy that makes it acceptable or not, the most important thing to remember about dating a coworker is how it affects your relationship with the rest of your colleagues and the company.

Before making good on your extravagant Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your office crush, here are a few tips to keep you from alienating your coworkers and staying on top of your career:

Get Acquainted with the Policies

Especially for companies where dating between colleagues is a “No-no”, knowing that before sending Valentine messages or flowers could save you from getting a memo or being at the receiving end of a final pay. It is always best to review the company policies and/or ask your human resources.

Go to Work to Work

Though your muse is who inspires you to be at work, it is important to remember that the office is not grounds for dating. Keep it professional at all times, meaning still treat each other like co-workers. Minimize flirting at all times, and maintain every loving gesture in Rated G level.

Also, maintain or improve performance levels. When all know about your office dating, any changes in your performances could be connected to your relationship, in which could damage it if there’s a slump in your productivity.

Don’t Divide the Team

Lovers quarrel is not uncommon. When a couple had one, it makes one feel miserable, and so it happens that misery loves company. While telling colleagues about your arguments could help you feel good, it actually divides your coworkers and makes them choose between you or your colleague that you are dating.

In turn, it causes disharmony at the office. It affects not only the relationships between peers, it also may hamper the company productivity.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

As a general rule, public displays of affection (PDA) tend to make others feel uncomfortable, and more so if it happens in the confines of the office area or event. It makes others uneasy and causes a rift between you and others. 

Most workplaces are usually viewed as the “free-zone” of affections and where one must maintain an image of unbiased professionalism. In the case of showing affections, it could be viewed as the means of swaying the decision of others, especially if the other person you are dating has a different level of the position.

To keep others from feeling awkward, adhere to the etiquette of public display of affections at all times.

Be Careful What You Post

Valentine pictures or other romantic gestures posted in the social media has a wider reach and visibility than affections shown around at the office. It could easily be seen and shared when the privacy settings are not tweaked right.

If your posts reached your colleagues and the management, it will be subject to scrutiny, and punishment if ever amorous relationships between coworkers are forbidden. After all, social media posts have the ability to diminish your credibility and of the company’s.

At these times, finding true love is a feat that many people are blessed to have, and for that reason, it should not be taken for granted. So it happens, many find their better halves while working at the office, as either a colleague or someone they bump into during work matters.

If the situation calls for it, there might be a moment when you would have to choose between your career or being with that person. Whatever decision you might have on that matter, give it some serious thoughts first. Use your best judgment when expressing yourself, and if you can’t trust yourself, consult with your HR.

This Valentine’s Day and the days that after that, if you choose to be with that person, do take care of it. Otherwise, someone else would with the issuance of a final pay.

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