Survey:New Hires Have 3 Months To Demonstrate Value

As if settling into a new company wasn’t difficult enough, a new survey out of the US indicates that, upon negotiating one’s way through the interview process and eventually making it far enough to be offered a position, recently hired employees can expect to have 3 months – at most – in which to prove their value and commitment to their new employers. So what does that mean, new hires have 3 months?


S&P 500 member Robert Half Finance & Accounting, based in California and who recently conducted a survey in which CFOs were asked how much time it takes to make a good first impression when starting a new job, released information stating that as many as 54% of CFOs said that a maximum of three months is the time required; however, it could potentially be as brief a window as just one month, according to 9% of the survey’s respondents.


In explaining the results of the survey and simultaneously offering advice to HR managers (which is equally valuable to employees), DeLynn Senna, Executive Director of Robert Half, said: “The first few months are a good time for managers to hold regular check-ins to ask new employees how the job is going and find out where they may need help. One way to help a new employee succeed is by providing constructive feedback, while praising efforts you’d like to reinforce.”

In terms of what is to be expected upon the confirmation of a new employee, Senna went on to advise: “Look for the new hire to take initiative on projects and be open to new ideas in the first few weeks. Managers should pay attention to the employee’s engagement and work ethic, and praise a job well done. Ninety days is a standard benchmark for many organizations to determine how knowledgeable the employee has become about their job, the company, and where the manager sees them adding value. The intent is that by the end of this timeframe the employee has grown and developed their skills, and is ready to be assigned more challenging projects.”

While the survey is more relevant to the US market, the level of influence that the market has here in the Philippines – not to mention our own leaps and bounds in terms of ambition, ability, and overall achievements – it’s a good indicator of what both HR managers and new employees alike should be watching out for in the immediate future. For more information on how you can benefit as either an HR manager or as someone currently seeking employment, please email one of our certified experts on and we will be more than happy to assist you. Or just share with us what you think about new hires have 3 months only.

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