Our payroll processing services

Here’s how it works

payroll processing service
payroll processing service


Data gathering of the Master List employees and their timekeeping data

payroll processing service


JustPayroll will prepare a draft of payroll registers and control reports and send those to you for approval

payroll processing service
payroll processing service
payroll processing service
payroll processing service


Upon your approval, we’ll process your payroll according to your company policies and schedules

payroll processing service


After finalizing the payroll we’ll create all the necessary government and non-government report for you

payroll processing service
payroll processing service

Our detail process

Using the Just Payroll service is simple and remember you will have your Payroll Genius to help you!

  1. Before each payroll cut-off, you will be asked by your Payroll Genius if there was changes to the employee master file during the previous period. If so, we have a template you can use to highlight the changes back to us.
  2. You will send us the Master List of employees and your timekeeping data via email.
  3. We will prepare a draft of payroll register and control report, and sends back to you via e-mail.
  4. We will provide you an option (included in the price) of using our Employee portal which can be used by your employees for:
    1. Timekeeping (also known as Web Bundy)
    2. Absence requests (overtime, sick leave, emergency leave and annual leave)
    3. Payslip download
    4. Self-service including the ability to update personal details

Note that your Payroll Genius will assess your applicability for this service during the set up process.

  1. You will review all payroll documents and approves / makes corrections via e-mail.
  2. Upon approval, JustPayroll finalizes payroll and generates all the required documents and reports.
  3. We will send you a copy of the following:
    1. Bank Advice
    2. Finalized payroll Register
    3. Payslip
    4. Government Reports
  4. If you have selected our Government Reporting service, which will deliver the reports to the relevant government body on your behalf, this will be done by our Payroll Genius.

payroll processing service

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