When getting ready for a job interview, most people are so concerned with their own performance and preparation that they forget to do one of the most basic yet important tasks: they almost never learn about the company at which they are seeking employment. You always have to research the company. Doing your homework and arming yourself with as much additional knowledge as possible can make the difference between getting the job and not getting the job, not to mention it can take that one step further and let any potential candidates know if they actually even want the job. After all, the more you know about the company that you are interviewing for, the better prepared you will be and the more proficient you will appear.

Social and Conventional Media

Depending on a company’s size and industry, there may be news items that can be easily located in order to gauge just what the attitudes within the company are as well as the public’s attitudes towards the company, which can go a long way in determining whether or not you consider yourself a good fit. Outside of this, if the company is ‘too small’ to have been covered in local, national, or international media, a lot of companies have a presence on social media, and the items published here, and of course any customer comments about the company’s performance, can provide a valuable insight into what you will be getting yourself into, and it can provide important information to give you that extra advantage during the interview process.

Management and Company Structure

It can be extremely beneficial during the interview process to know who the HR manager is, the CEO, the Chairman, and any other key positions that will indicate that you have already looked into the company at which you are applying, which not only helps in the long run should you get the job, but it shows that you have demonstrated the initiative to do so in the first place.

Mission Statement and Background

If you can’t find too much information on the points mentioned so far, the very least you can do it visit the company’s website, which should provide you with the company’s mission statement and some basic facts on the services provided, the number of staff employed, in which cities/countries the company has a presence, where the headquarters is located, any environmental efforts the company may make, if it is publicly listed, and so on. All of these points will again give you a boost when it comes time to sit down with HR to see if you are a fit for the available position.


Knowing some basic facts about who the company’s competitors are, as well as what makes each company in the industry different from one another in terms of status, services, and strategies, can make the world of difference during the interview process and will help you figure out your own strategy when it comes to explaining why you are the right candidate for the job.

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