JustPayroll Branding Guidelines

JustPayroll Branding Guidelines

Welcome JustPayroll partners, affiliates, fans, clients, and friends. This online resource is intended to be a guide in the appropriate use of our brand. By doing so, we preserve the integrity and identity of JustPayroll.

All of the JustPayroll brand features are proprietary. By using our logos, trademarks,  photos, and other brand features, you fully accept the terms in our brand policy.


The JustPayroll bird is the primary asset for the brand and the preferred logomark to represent it. Modeled from a parrot, the logo mark is dynamic and modern, yet grounded and approachable. The parrot traditionally represents celebration and is an expression of the good things that are yet to come. Its pose, wings spread out, symbolizes forward movement and the desire to go onward and upward.


The Oswald font used for the JustPayroll trademark should never be used for anything other than the trademarks incorporating “JustPayroll,” as well as the trade names of JustPayroll. Use only the approved versions of the JustPayroll logo.


Little victories inspire greater confidence, which creates even more of a commitment to keep going. And when it comes to change, big victories are the result of tons of little wins.

This is why we have the gala mark – an overt symbol of celebration. These colors and styles celebrate the victories we gain after making an impactful change.


The Brand Standards use the Oswald font and Open Sans. Ensure that these are used at all times to ensure the unification of all marketing and communications materials.

Primary font:
– Oswald should be used for headlines on all executions and Brand communications.

Body font:
– Open Sans should be used for body copy on all Brand communications.

The usage of sans serif font families aligns to our brand promise of simplicity and seamlessness, as the look and feel of these fonts are direct, precise, and minimal.





As an identity, JustPayroll is approachable and yet professional. These characteristics are reflected in our manner of speaking.

Furthermore, our voice is authentic, trustworthy, and friendly.