From Great Britain to the Philippines (Part II) – Adapting to a new language

david_bell        October 5, 2015
English as we know it has evolved by borrowing words from an estimated 350 languages, and today there are 375 million people who speak English as a first language, another 375 million people who speak English as a second language, and an impressive 750 million people who have learned to speak English outside of their native tongue.

Texting, Not Talking

JustPayroll Contributor        October 2, 2015
There is something very curious about the Philippines that I had not encountered before in any other country I have lived in; texting, or more accurately, the sheer volume of traffic in this communication medium, especially when interacting with foreigners. The thing about it is that, while I started off not being very keen on the idea, I have slowly grown to love it.

De Minimis Benefits

shane        October 1, 2015
Given the relatively poor state of the country’s roads, news about corruption in politics, and the fact that every time you attempt to avail of government benefits you have to… Read More »

From Great Britain to the Philippines (Part I) – Adapting to your New Home

david_bell        September 29, 2015
As you can imagine, Philippine shores are a far cry from those at home in the UK, so the differences that can be expected once you arrive in this tropical… Read More »

Government Position on Proposed Income Tax Cut

JustPayroll Contributor        September 28, 2015
The Philippines has the highest income tax rates among all ASEAN countries; for instance, Singapore has a 20% tax rate for workers who are earning above P10.6 million. Meanwhile, this… Read More »

The Impact of Traffic on Businesses and Employees

JustPayroll Contributor        September 24, 2015
It’s no secret that the traffic in Manila is one of the more difficult things to come to terms with, and it’s expected to get worse and stay that way… Read More »

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