David Bell, founder and CEO of JustPayroll, has a pet peeve that many would say is close to the ideals of those of a true-blue “do-gooder”. All the way down to his core, there is an absolute disdain towards unjust practices.

For one, Bell loathes it when businesses or employees get cheated out of their honest-to-goodness earnings, which usually occurs when payroll is done incorrectly.

Many would assume that the amount salaries paid out by companies to their employees and the government are always accurate, but as it turns out, that’s not always the case. Payroll in the Philippines is prone to errors and abuse, making the disbursed salaries unfair to either the one signing the checks or the one receiving it, and that is how JustPayroll came about.

Having been a victim of a faulty payroll service provider, Bell figured:

Why not build a payroll
system that works?

Instead of finding another provider to handle the company payroll matters, he decided to
build the tools and services that will oversimplify payroll processes for those who need it.

Three is the Magic Number

Within a span of three years, Bell’s initial “why not” idea snowballed into the development of the most comprehensive and compliant payroll software in the Philippines, which made its debut as PhilPay in 2014. Soon after, a year later, the outsourced payroll processing services of JustPayroll came to be.

In those three years, JustPayroll garnered established experts who contributed to the success of its payroll products and services. One in particular is Shane Agulan, the General Manager of the company.

Under Bell and Agulan, JustPayroll is in a constant state of continuous betterment, always finding ways to augment and simplify the payroll process.

What’s Next for JustPayroll?

What used to be the vision of one is now a collective effort of those in the company. The JustPayroll team and management are driven to come out with real solutions that will change how payroll is done for this generation and for the next.

Our Leaders

David Bell

Founder & CEO

Besides from being in key leadership roles during his time with renowned global giants such as Shell, Deutsche Bank, and to his current ones, David Bell is a visionary.

For Bell, innovation and having the right values are the key to coming up with solutions that matters for everyone, regardless of their position in the company.

Bell’s enterprising endeavours and his strong beliefs in putting value first laid the foundations for how JustPayroll is today and will be in the future.

Shane Agulan

General Manager

Under the direction of Shane Agulan, the momentum of the mission of JustPayroll in creating valuable payroll services and products increased tenfold.

As a Certified Public and Management Accountant and as a natural leader, she successfully spearheaded projects and key operations in JustPayroll, keeping it relevant and innovative at all times.

Our Sales Team

When it comes to the JustPayroll Sales Team, their focus is not on selling the products and services, but more on the jovial experience that our clients get when they have an easy-to-use, functional, and compliant payroll system.