As the saying goes, “Every person we meet has a lesson to teach,” and so it happens that founder and Upraxis CEO David Bell taught us at least three. In a casual conversation among peers and personal observations regarding our main boss, we share what we learned from working with him.

Addressed by all at the office as “David,” Bell has been in leadership roles for global giants in the fuel and financial sectors before he ventured to start his own companies. Part of what makes him successful in his endeavors can be owed to how he empowers his teams and instills values that have been long forgotten by other bosses.

There are many lessons to be learned from working with David directly, or even from being around him. The following are three lessons that could be acquired from him:

No Cherry-Picking

While other bosses choose to wash their hands off from the gritty work, David tackles all type of work despite his seniority. From high-level management to changing a light bulb, if there’s work to be done and he could do it, he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty at all.

Sadly, after climbing a step higher in the corporate ladder, there are those who chose not to perform their menial tasks anymore, regardless that they have the time and energy to do so. “Di ko na trabaho ‘yan” (It’s not my job anymore) as some would say. Luckily, David is not like that.

Lesson: To accomplish more and be successful, forget about ranks or positions and focus on what needs to be done.

Always Go for Quality

In the business world where wealth is the prize to collect for those who reach the top of the hill first, David chooses not to cut corners just to gain the lead. This one I discovered by myself and assimilated with great appreciation.  

Even after being presented with an idea to draw in a massive number of leads through a marketing shortcut, David politely pointed out that there is more to gain when potential clients are presented with items or products that have a greater value.

Upon further research, products and services that are done with the utmost quality consequently improve customer retention, product branding, and ROI.  In short, customers appreciate it when they are provided with items done with utmost attention and details.

Lesson: Always remember not to undermine or downplay the value of having a top-level quality type of services, products, or any other output.

Empower Others

There are bosses who keep the power balance to one side (theirs) and calls all the shots on how the business or operations are run. Though David still makes most of the key decisions, he entrusts his team to operate on their own and let them shine from their own success.

By empowering others and not micromanaging, it helps teams or individuals discover their own potential or learn how to cope with their own weaknesses.  While some bosses believe that being the puppet master for every move is the way to be successful, there are those who prefer to cut the strings.

He gave us the freedom to do what it needs to be done and involved us in making decisions,” according to uPraxis DevSecOps Raleigh Guevarra.

Lesson: Delegating and giving others room to grow are sure ways to empower and bring the best out of others.

Needless to say, David Bell is one of the rarest breeds of bosses who enriches the lives of others through what could be learned from them directly, or just by seeing them work. Here at, we are glad to have someone we could truly look up to.  

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