Whether you are plotting days to take advantage of Piso Fares or working on employee schedules for the rest of the year, the updated 2018 Philippine Holiday listing could help. After the release of Proclamation 269 late last year,  more holidays are included in the list.

Just like the previous 2017 Philippine Holiday Proclamation 50, Proclamation 269 has 10 regular holidays, but when it comes to special non-working days, 2018 comes with an extra one, making it nine in total.

Additional special (non-working) days – November 2 (All Souls’ Day) and December 24 (Christmas Eve)

Besides the usual different dates that Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, National Heroes’ Day, Chinese New Year, and Black Saturday fall on, another difference between this year’s and next year’s holidays is that President Duterte declared November 2 (All Soul’s Day) and December 24 (Christmas Eve) to be special non-working holidays.

The 2nd of November (Friday) and 24th of December (Monday)  were declared as holidays to make family ties stronger and promote domestic tourism. The proclamations for Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha will be issued as soon they are determined in the Islamic calendars, but for now the tentative dates are June 14 (Eidul Fitr) and August 22 (Eidul Adha).

Knowing the holidays for next year this early on is particularly important for those who like to plan ahead, regardless if it is for leisure or business reasons. It could mean finding the best deal for a dream destination or making sure that business needs are met at all times.

Besides from sorting out vacay days or maximizing work schedules, there are also wacky holidays or days of awareness in 2018 that could be worth celebrating to boost employee morale. Though they are not locally recognized as official holidays, they are there just for fun.

Here’s the list of Philippines Holidays 2018 as shown in the Official Gazette and fun holidays that you may want to note down:

2018 Philippine Holidays

Philippine Calendar

A complete list of bizarre holidays can be viewed at the Holiday Insights page. However, almost anyone can create their own holiday. Though making them official requires going to Congress and using resources, almost anyone could declare an unofficial and “just for fun” one, as long as they catch on.

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