Manual Payroll Systems Under Strain With TRAIN Tax Reform, Two Ways to Deal With It

Rayan Ramos        January 17, 2018
Thanks to the recently approved Philippine tax reform, there is much anticipation among employees on how much more of their salary they are going to bring home. The employers, on the other hand, are on the edge of their seats wondering if they are crunching the right numbers in their payroll calculations.   Under the

Why the 13th Month Pay is Not the Same as the Christmas Bonus

Rayan Ramos        December 4, 2017
Ever since we were kids, we have heavily associated the month of December with the idea of receiving gifts. As we got older and braved the working world, that notion still remains, and that is where the confusion between using the term “13th Month Pay” and “Christmas Bonuses” interchangeably is rooted from. For some time

Four Sure Ways You’re Sabotaging Employee Retention In Your Company

Rayan Ramos        November 24, 2017
Losing valued employees is a series of butt-hurt for any company—from painstakingly going through the recruitment process again to getting egos bruised for being inadequate to their needs. If employees calling it quits is happening too often or you’re foreseeing a growing issue, it is best to identify any erroneous practices that your company might

What Happens When Withholding Taxes Are Calculated Wrong?

Rayan Ramos        November 15, 2017
Part of the obligations of any employer to their employees is computing and paying their withholding taxes properly. Failure to do so with accuracy and in a timely manner could mean paying a hefty fine or serving a sentence of one to 10 years. Employers properly paying withholding tax are not a moral obligation, but

Pension Plans You Should Have Started Yesterday

Rayan Ramos        November 3, 2017
Many currently employed Filipinos are riding on a happy-go-lucky nimbus that they will have enough funds in their golden years, even without a retirement plan in the works.  But as they near the retirement age, their ironclad positivity begins to deteriorate as they realize that the money that they saved in the bank is simply not

Five Common Paranormal Entities Found at the Philippine Workplace

Rayan Ramos        October 31, 2017
Saying “Almost every Filipino has their own ghost story” is a bold statement, but it is not far from the truth. Whether by choice or not, there are those (like me) whose sixth sense are tuned in to the paranormal, making seeing or feeling ghostly entities quite common, particularly at the workplace. Stories regarding ghosts

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